History (continued) Members of the choir sing for the Memory Cafe, Otley at Christmas 2012


After Charles Bainbridge’s retirement in 1980, the Society was first directed by a succession of young conductors, Marcus Huxley, Michael Harris, Darius Battiwalla and Matthew Beetschen, all of whom extended our repertoire but soon went on to higher things.

We were very fortunate to be able to appoint the widely known and very experienced John Coates as our musical director in 1991, but sadly, he died in 1996.

 From 1997 to 2015 the Society was under the able and amiable baton (or magic pencil) of Alan Horsey.  

For the 2015-17 seasons Barry Jordan had the responsibility of wielding the baton.

In 2017 youth once again took the helm as Yonni Levy became conductor, and his enthusiasm and musicianship enlivened the choir. In 2019 he left to pursue his musical interests in America.

For autumn 2019 the society has been fortunate to have excellent guest conductors, Tom Newall and Laura Bailie, willing to keep the ship afloat until the arrival of a new permanent conductor at the start of 2020.

January 2020 starts the tenure of another young conductor, Jennifer Sterling, and the society waits to see how she makes her mark on the musical life of the choir.